1. Get in Line!

To participate in the $PMB Token Sale, you must be an enrolled & Active PMB Affiliate. Active PMB Affiliates must secure their place in line for this exclusive Private Sale prior to the sale start date on November 7, 2018. To get in line, log into your Affiliate Back Office, and on the left-hand menu of the dashboard, select Token Sale, and then select “Register.” This “Get in Line” process secures your position and opportunity for the $PMB Token Sale!


2. Purchase Ether

In order to purchase $PMB Tokens during the Private Sale, you must use the cryptocurrency coin, Ether (ETH). To purchase Ether, we recommend using Coinbase. Coinbase is an established, U.S.-based Cryptocurrency Exchange.

Since the $PMB Token is an ERC-20 token that relies on the Ethereum Blockchain, Affiliates will swap their purchased Ether (ETH)—the coin generated by the Ethereum Blockchain—for $PMB Tokens during the one-time $PMB Token Private Sale.


3. Create a Decentralized Wallet

Next, you’ll have to create a decentralized wallet where you are the primary owner of your private keys. In order for us to send you your purchased $PMB Tokens after the token sale, participating Affiliates MUST have a decentralized wallet created. We suggest using the decentralized wallet, MyCrypto (works best on the Chrome browser).

Your MyCrypto wallet’s public address (which you’ll receive when creating your wallet) is where PrimeMyBody will send your $PMB Tokens after the token sale has concluded. You may also store your Ether (ETH) on your MyCrypto wallet prior to the token sale. Here is a tutorial on sending ETH from Coinbase to MyCrypto.

Note: See our $PMB Token FAQs for more information on private and public keys.


4. Transfer Your Ether

Move purchased Ether (ETH) from Coinbase or Uphold to your newly created MyCrypto wallet. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP: PrimeMyBody cannot send $PMB Tokens to a centralized wallet like Coinbase.


5. Purchasing $PMB Tokens

On the day of the Private Sale, when it is your turn to purchase $PMB Tokens, you will send ETH from your MyCrypto wallet to the public smart contract address provided by PrimeMyBody. After sending ETH to the $PMB Token smart contract address you will receive notification that your ETH has been received and is processing.


6. Token Reconciliation

After the token sale there will be a 14-day token reconciliation period. After the reconciliation period, $PMB Tokens will be sent to your MyCrypto wallet address.

NOTE: $PMB Tokens will not be visible in your MyCrypto Wallet until you add the specific PMB Token smart contract information to your wallet. That smart contract information, provided by PrimeMyBody, includes $PMB Token smart contract address, $PMB Token symbol, and $PMB Token decimals. It is vital all $PMB Token smart contract information is inputted correctly in order for you to view and use your $PMB Tokens.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Below are the $PMB Token most frequently asked questions.

How do I become a PrimeMyBody Affiliate?

If you have not been introduced to PrimeMyBody via an Affiliate, please create a Support Ticket here and a PMB Agent will take your information and get you in touch with a leader to help you become an Active Affiliate!

What is cryptocurrency?

Stated simply, a cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange. Cryptocurrencies are digital assets that are not dependent on any centralized control, like a bank or financial institution.

What is blockchain?

A blockchain is a digital distributed ledger that records cryptocurrency transactions. True blockchain records are open-sourced, meaning everyone can view the transactions that have taken place, but no one can edit or delete existing records. There can be countless blocks on any one blockchain, at any one time. As soon as one block of the ledger is completed, another is automatically generated. Blockchain allows consumers and suppliers to connect directly, removing the need for a third party intermediary, like a bank, payment processor, or remittance company.

What is the Ethereum blockchain?

The Ethereum Blockchain is a digital distributed ledger that is open-sourced and shared among computers (or nodes) in different locations worldwide. The Ethereum blockchain allows for and stores transaction data without having to rely on third-party intermediaries. Ether (known by its ticker symbol ETH) is the cryptocurrency that is transferred between users on the Ethereum blockchain. All Ether transactions can be viewed on

What is a smart contract?

A smart contract facilitates the exchange of value, like cryptocurrency, on a particular blockchain.

What is the difference between a token and a coin?

A token is a digital asset that is issued by a particular project, company, or enterprise, i.e., PrimeMyBody. Depending on the token sale protocols, a token may function as a digital asset—which can be traded for other digital assets or provide access to the project’s or enterprise’s function, i.e., purchasing product.

A coin is linked directly to a public and open blockchain. Anyone is allowed to purchase, join, and participate in the network. Coins can be sent, received, or mined. Typically, coins do not perform any function other than acting as a method of currency.

What is an Asset-Backed token?

An asset-backed token, like the $PMB Token, is directly linked to and supported by the tangible value of a company, service, or product. The $PMB Token is supported by the real-world value of PrimeMyBody’s current and future products and services.

Unlike a security token, asset-backed tokens are not designed and should not be considered an investment or stake in a company or enterprise.

What is an ERC-20 token?

The $PMB Token is an ERC-20 token. ERC-20 tokens are built atop, live, and rely on the Ethereum blockchain and its smart contracts. ERC-20 tokens are developed to meet certain standards defined by the Ethereum blockchain. You can think of the $PMB Token as the train or car that rides on the tracks or highway that is the Ethereum blockchain.

Who can purchase $PMB Tokens and is there a deadline to buy?

Only Active PMB Affiliates, who are in good standing, are eligible to purchase $PMB Tokens during the $PMB Token Private Sale. PrimeMyBody Affiliates must register to get in line for the one-time private sale prior to the November 7, 2018 private sale start date. If you are not an Active PMB Affiliate, either contact a PMB Affiliate to become enrolled & Active or create a Support Ticket here and a PMB Agent will take your information and get you in touch with a leader to help you become an Active Affiliate!

After the one-time Private Sale has concluded on December 15, 2018, Affiliates and the public may purchase $PMB Tokens on participating third-party exchanges.

How do I "Get in Line" for the Private Sale?

Only Active PMB Affiliates, who are in good standing, can secure their purchase place in the queue for the one-time $PMB Token Private Sale. To get into the queue, log into to your Affiliate Back Office and select Token Sale from the left-hand menu. See Step 1 for more info. If you are not an Active PMB Affiliate, either contact a PMB Affiliate to become enrolled & Active or create a Support Ticket here and a PMB Agent will take your information and get you in touch with a leader to help you become an Active Affiliate!

Where can I securely store my $PMB Tokens?

Since you are in complete control of your $PMB Tokens it is in your best interest to store your tokens in a secure wallet. A cryptocurrency wallet is a digital program that interacts with various blockchains, enabling users to send, store, and receive digital assets and also monitor digital asset balances.

See Step 3 to see learn about MyCrypto Wallet -- a digital wallet PMB recommends.

Are cryptocurrency transactions reversible?

No. When you make a transaction—either by sending or receiving tokens or coins—that transaction cannot be retracted or reversed. It is highly recommend to double and triple check the public key or receiving address you are sending to when transferring coins or tokens.

Can I exchange my $PMB Tokens for other cryptocurrency coins or tokens?

ERC-20 tokens, like $PMB Tokens, are designed to communicate with the Ethereum blockchain. To exchange your $PMB Tokens for another coin you would first have to exchange $PMB Tokens for Ether (ETH) and then exchange Ether for another coin or cryptocurrency.

What is a private key?

On the blockchain, since there is no need for third-party transaction assistance, users control their digital asset or cryptocurrency data directly. Public and private keys are derived from complex encryption codes for security purposes.

Your private keys are like the keys to your mailbox or password to your bank account. Private keys are alphanumeric numbers and letters picked randomly as soon as you create a wallet or an account with an exchange. The private key gives a user access and control over their funds to their corresponding cryptocurrency address.Private keys are not meant to be shared. It is recommend to back up and protect your private keys from accidental loss or theft.

What is a public key?

A public key is an alphanumeric code that allows a user to receive tokens or coins into his or her cryptocurrency wallet account. The public key is what you would share to receive tokens or coins.